Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Knob Work

The radio did come with knobs but two of the knobs that are made from plastic are highly cracked. The other two knobs are made entirely from metal and will clean up well with steel wool. Looking for replacement knobs turned up nothing so I decided to restore the ones I have. First I sand down the cracked portion of the knob and then apply JB Epoxy. I had to use a drill to keep gravity from pulling the epoxy from drooping. After the epoxy is hard I then used a rasp and sandpaper to shape the knob back to the original size and shape. And last is to paint the knobs the correct cream color.

Knob before any restoration

Knob ground down with cracked plastic removed

Knob spinning waiting for epoxy to harden

 Epoxy hard ready for shaping

 Knob shaped ready for paint

Knobs completed. Painted them with ivory Krylon.

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